Natural remedy by TopHoney

What are the benefits?

Healthy Weight Management, Counters Pollen Allergies, Natural Energy Source, Antioxidant Powerhouse Sleep Promoter, Wound and Ulcer Healer, Diabetes Aid, Natural Cough Syrup are just few benefits of Bashkir honey. Each type has its own health benefits, choose one that suits you.

..a daily meal to astronauts and deep-sea divers..

How bashkir honey is different?

TopHoney brings you raw, unrefined organic product from an unpolluted high altitude zone in Bashkortostan, a land rich in untapped flora and fauna.

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  • I tried so many different types of honeys throughout my life. Bashkir honey was very different and easy to distinguish. It has a strong taste which you feel from a first try, since then it will be difficult to surprise you with any other type of honey.
    Yumaguzin Ulfat, The World Heritage Committee
  • As a professional in supplements industry, I learned a lot about Bashkir honey. I take it as a regular supplement, since I started it only took few days before I started to feel the difference.
    Sohet Patel
    Oxford Vitality
  • Bashkir honey is not just a great product, but also initiative run by TopHoney is great and potentially have a tremendous impact on local population, unique bees and nature.
    Fuaad Latif
    Cancer Research