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About Bashkir Honey supplied by TopHoney

Bashkir honey, produced in Bashkortostan by black bees with one-of-a-kind enzymes, is one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the world. Don't believe? Read this article.

Linden Blossom Bashkir Honey

Linden honey, extracted from the filled clusters of Linden blossoms especially during the warm season is medium sweet in taste with slight bitterness.

It is most commonly used for treating cold, sore throat and fever. Mix it with lemon for a more enduring cure. It can even be used to cure laryngitis, heal skin sores and gastrointestinal tract inflammation.

Wild Blossom Bashkir Honey

Collected from the wildflowers nectar, this honey is rich in nutrients and anti-oxidant properties and one can easily take instead of medicines.

It is a healthy alternative to suppress respiratory infections. It gives your immune system a boost to fight against seasonal allergies. It also increases the antioxidants in the blood stream.

Buckwheat Blossom Bashkir Honey

The buckwheat honey extracted from the buckwheat blossom has almost the same profile as other types except that it has high concentrated macronutrients and anti-oxidant compounds.

It is one of those dark-colored honey which have low amount of water and highly concentrated anti-oxidants with 30% glucose and 40% fructose. This rich source will help you improve blood anti-oxidant levels and prevents lipid damages. It is the best natural antiseptic for soothing and treating ulcers, burns and sores.