Best honey in the world – Bashkir honey

Best honey in the world - Bashkir honey

Not many people heard of this particuar type of honey, it is raw, unrefined organic product from an unpolluted high altitude zone in Bashkortostan is considered to be the best honey in the world. When it comes to taste it is very unique and strong,but the decision is based on its medical effect and unique composition of microelements.

Bashkir honey is getting more recognition lately, as it has received numerous awards in international exhibitions in Paris, Frankfurt. Now, you can come across Bashkir honey in some tea clubs and restairants that focus on wellbeing and healthy lifestyle. Even in Switzerland where honey is sourced locally and country is famous for the rich vegetation of alpine meadows, Bashkir honey is highly revered for its healing qualities and unique strong taste.

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Bashkir honey can only be sourced from Bashkortostan, a region near Siberia rich for fauna and flora, in fact one third of the region are forests of a melliferous type.

It is scientifically proven, honey (Bashkir honey in particular) is the greatest medicine created by nature. Scientists of many countries have studied the composition of Bashkir honey and confirmed that such a medicine is impossible to replicate artificially. The uniqueness of Bashkir honey is in the variety of medicinal properties. It is collected from plants that are natural medicinal raw products. In addition to the usual types of medicinal plants (dogrose, oregano, St. John’s wort, motherwort, valerian, sage, dandelion, plantain, chamomile, etc.), very rare species grow in Bashkortostan (fescue, spring gorichvet, timothy feat

best honey in the world

her grass, open chamber, feather grasshopper, thyme, desert oat, basilisk, astra alpine).

The locals called Bashkir comes from the Turkic words “bash” (head) and “court” (bee). The ancient paintings found in the famous local caves in Burzyan district shows that honey was extracted by aborigins.

Russian astronauts take Bashkir honey as a pre-flight vitamin. Bashkir honey was a part of the daily diet of members of the Mir space station.

best honey in the worldBashkor honey can be of different types. TopHoney supplies Buckwheat Honey, Wild Blossom Honey, Linden Tree Honey and Mixed Aroma Honey. These flavours are only found in Bashkortostan and each of them has its own healing and medical effects. You won’t see much of Linden tree in Europe, even in Russia it is mainly around Urals in Bashkortostan you will see them. Linden tree honey, extracted from the filled clusters of Linden blossoms is medium sweet in taste with slight bitterness.

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It is most commonly used for treating cold, sore throat and fever. Mix it with lemon for a more enduring cure. It can even be used to cure laryngitis, heal skin sores and gastrointestinal tract inflammation. Read more about TopHoney and other types of honey we supply here.

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