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About Bashkir Bee, Honey and Land

1About Bashkir Bees aka European Black Bees (Apis mellifera mellifera)
This specific variety of bee is of the Middle Russian Honey Bee species, a descendent of the European Black Bee (Apis mellifera mellifera), which has formed after millions of years of geographic isolation. Bashkir bees have valuable ecological and economical qualities: they are resistant to disease, severe cold and long winters, as well as producing a high quantity of rich single flower honey, usually from the linden tree.
2About Bashkir Honey
Bashkir honey is produced by a population of Bashkir (Burzyan) bees unique to the Republic of Bashkortostan (Bashkiria) in the Ural Mountains, Russia. The “honey season” in the meadows of Bashkiria Bashkir is from July to mid-August. If you find yourself in Russia during this time, in the right area, look for a local beekeeper and get the fresh honey straight from the source. TopHoney is one of very few direct suppliers of Bashkir honey in the UK.
3About Bashkirs, local population aka Bashkort
Local people known as bashkort, meaning “bee head” or “bee head keeper,” have been involved in beekeeping since ancient times and, though the Ural Mountains was once the most significant honey production area in Russia, honey production is endangered due to a significant decrease in the number of bee colonies. The introduction of bees from southern parts of Russia is causing genetic degradation and the Bashkir bees are becoming more susceptible to disease. However in Bashkiria there are still places with few or no southern bees and here the Bashkir honey is still produced. It is difficult to find pure Bashkir honey in markets as it is mainly sold during honey exhibitions and festivals, even winning a gold prize at the World Expo Paris in 1990.
4About Bashkortostan (Ural Mountains) aka Bashkiria
Watch this nice brief video that will tell you about the local region of Bashkortostan English version will follow soon.

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